The Training and Certification Centre

Batumi High Maritime Engineering School ANRI’s (BHMES ANRI) Seafarers Training and Certification Center is recognized by the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia.

The training courses are conducted in accordance with the Law of Georgia on the “Seafarers' Education and Certification”, International Convention on the STCW, as amended and other national and international regulations related to seafarers' training.

Programs of training courses are developed in accordance with the requirements of the IMO Model Courses and are recognized by the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia.

BHMES ANRI material and technical base meets national and international standards for seafarers training: BHMES ANRI is located in six storey complex with a total area of 3200 square meters, where classrooms, laboratories, simulators, conference hall, library and students’ dormitory are situated. BHMES ANRI has a training vessel "Captain O.Chakhvadze" for practical exercises and drills, simulators, including: high-speed (fast) and rescue boats, motorboats, Bridge Resource Management simulator, Engine Resource Management simulator, GMDSS simulator, ARPA-RADAR simulator, model of real ship - Shore Based Fire Fighting simulator, labs and workshops, swimming pool, foreign language class-room, computer classes etc.

Batumi High Maritime Engineering School ANRI is the first maritime training center in Georgia, where personal safety and fast rescue boat trainings are conducted in real-world conditions, using its own training ship.

The training courses are led by experienced professionals, acting seafarers.

BHMES ANRI also conducting non-conventional training courses at the request of crewing and shipowner companies, as well as onshore companies operating in the offshore sector.

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