Action Plan

The Strategic Plan for 2021-2027 reflects the main directions of the development policy of Batumi High Maritime Engineering School ANRI (hereinafter BHMES ANRI), which defines the institutional development priorities, strategic goals and strategic objectives for the next seven years (2021-2027). Which shows us the clear direction and logic of decisions to accomplish the mission. In 2019, the school developed a strategic development plan, however, the need to update the strategic development plan was conditioned by the results of the visit for the authorization of 2021 and the recommendations developed by external experts, as a result of which it was decided that:

  • Update the strategic development plan;
  • Write the goal / goals, objectives, implementation deadlines and performance indicators in the strategic plan

In view of the above, the issue of revising the strategic and action plans was put on the agenda at the initiative of the General Director of the school. In the first phase, a strategic planning group was formed, which was responsible for developing a draft strategic plan and involving the wider community in the process. The group was led by the General Director of the school. Professional students and representatives of employer companies participated in the process. The process of developing the 2021-2027 Strategic Development Plan and the 2021 Action Plan was carried out in accordance with the strategic planning methodology of the school.

See the full version of the Strategic Development Plan in the attached document: