Training: "Time management"

One of the goals and priorities of BGUS Anri's management is to develop staff, improve their qualifications and meet modern requirements. It is for this purpose that various trainings are held for the staff.

On 28-29 October this year, time-management training was held for BGSU Anri staff.

The aim of the training was to learn the rules for balancing life, which can be achieved by managing inefficient time and increasing productivity; Learning the basics of time management and using it in everyday life; Learning to plan time and set goals; Learning to get the best results in a short time.

The training discussed topics such as: analysing why we can't manage time effectively; Why time management is important; planning your day effectively; managing your work day; effective time management models; setting priorities; Identifying your weaknesses and planning ways to improve; Feelings and strategies for managing them - how to be emotionally comfortable with yourself and your surroundings;Motivation - routine, important and nonessential tasks, how to learn to be organised; getting work done efficiently, reducing time spent on regular tasks; Setting and managing life goals.

The training included activities, group work and practical exercises.

The training was led by Sofio Mamestashvili, psychologist, doctor of social sciences, certified trainer and visiting Henri.