Student self-government


College’s student self-government is a subsidiary structural unit. The student self-government is guided by the orders of the Ministry of Education and Sports of Georgia, the normative acts, the charter of the institution and the existing regulation. Batumi High Marine Engineering school Anri’s Student Self-Government is a representative body of students selected by students in general, equal, direct and secret elections in accordance with the requirements of the law of Georgia on higher education. The legal status of student self-government is defined by the Law of Georgia on Higher Education Student self-government is elected for 2 years and consists of 6 members. Elections are held once every two years after, not later than 30 days. Student self-government isn’t a legal entity. It’s inadmissible while exercising its authority and interferes with its activity or any kind of impact on it by the administration of the institution or any other person. Except as provided for by law Student self-government has its own stamp and the necessary equipment in agreement with the college administration. Protects and presents students' rights and legitimate interests.  On the basis of equitable co-operation with the college administration, the issues related to the study process and the material side are resolved. Develop proposals to improve the quality of management system and teaching quality of the higher education institution of the institution. Plans, organizes and organizes meetings, debates, discussions, trainings, intellectual games, educational-scientific cultural, sporting, entertainment and other activities permitted by law to meet the needs of students' rest and labor. Provides active participation of the student's students in the process of state interests. Cooperates with other university, governmental and non-governmental and international organizations, as well as associations. Actively participates in the integration of the university in the European educational area and maximizes the participation of students in this process. Participates in various charitable activities, as far as possible.


Location of Student Self-Government: Georgia, Batumi,Shalva Inasaridze Street 29. Batumi High  Marine Engineering School  Anri’s Training Complex, Auditorium N501.

President of  Student Self-Government - Leri Ardzenadze

mob: (+995) 579 79 99 22


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