Learning/Bachelor’s degree

Batumi High Maritime Engineering School teaches at the Marine Engineering Faculty in the field of academic higher education - bachelor's level :

A) Maritime navigation - duration of training for 4 academic years.
B) Maritime Engineering - duration of training for  4 academic years.

The results of the unified national examinations are the basis for obtaining the status of Georgian citizens at the bachelor's level.

The following documents should be submitted:

1. secondary education certificate
2. Copy your ID card
3. Form of Marine Availability Sanitary Certificate No. 100 / A (to be made at the seafarers' hospital)
4. Help from the psychiatric clinic

5. Reference from the drug treatment clinic
6. Photo Picture 6 pcs. 3/4 (disc)
7. Military registration certificate from the police station
8. ID card

The price of the bachelor's degree program is 2200 GEL.

In the course of training the form of wearing is not required, which is not included in the cost of training.

Upon completion of the higher education program, the student will be awarded a bachelor's degree and diploma.